Formed by bandleader Bernhard Glatz in February 2015 in Vienna, Austria, The Juke Swing Band has quickly grown to become one of the most active and in-demand bands on the local swing dance scene. That's because they are all excellent musicians, but also because Nina and Bernhard are themselves passionate Lindy Hop dancers, so they know what they are doing.

With a repertoire that includes many classics of the Swing era as well as some less-familiar jazz tunes, their style can be both chilled-out and relaxed or hot'n'fast, guaranteed to bring the house down! The Juke Swing Band has something to keep every dancer comfortable and every audience happy.


Band members:

Nina Jukić - vocals

Bernhard Glatz - trumpet

Mathias Mayrbäurl - saxophone, clarinet

Philipp Mayrbäurl - guitar

Navid Djawadi - bass

Thomas Käfer - drums